Boundary Map and available GIS data

The boundary map for this site can be viewed HERE

Boundaries of Scottish SPAs can be downloaded as shapefiles from HERE

Additional spatial data

The following spatial datasets may also be relevant to this site:

Additional spatial information, including the location of marine priority habitats, can be viewed and downloaded at the MAGIC website

An infographic for this MPA can be downloaded HERE

Conservation Objectives

The  conservation objectives for the sites are:

To avoid deterioration of the habitats of the qualifying species (listed below) or significant disturbance to the qualifying species, thus ensuring that the integrity of the site is maintained; and

To ensure for the qualifying species that the following are maintained in the long term:

  • Population of the species as a viable component of the site
  • Distribution of the species within site
  • Distribution and extent of habitats supporting the species
  • Structure, function and supporting processes of habitats supporting the species
  • No significant disturbance of the species

The site’s conservation objectives apply to the site and the individual species for which the site has been classified

Organisations with responsibility for MPA