Using funding from the Environment Agency’s Championing Coastal Coordination (3Cs) fund, the Berwickshire and Northumberland Marine Nature Partnership and the Durham Heritage Coast Partnership ran a joint project in early 2022 to look a regional response to predicted climate change impacts on our coast.

The Project comprised workshops, evidence gathering, data analysis and a final event. These activities were led for us by The Blooming Platypus, involved 68 stakeholders from 41 organisations, and led to the production of a final Action Plan.

Read the final Project Report here

Read the Project Action Plan here

During the workshops we used Miro to capture the discussions from participants. Copies of the individual Miro Boards can be found at the links below:

Miro Board from 3Cs Workshop 1 – Natural environment & fisheries

Miro Board from 3Cs Workshop 2 – Coastal Defence & Economy

Miro Board from 3Cs Workshop 3 Historic Environment & Cultural Assets

Miro Board from 3Cs Final Event