Lead Contact Details

Name: Barry Gardner
Email: nshc@btconnect.com
Tel: 01665 720033


Harbour Authority

Geography Area Covered

North Sunderland Harbour (often referred to as Seahouses Harbour)

Membership Details

The partnership governance groups this organisation is represented on are:

Marine Protected Areas

North Sunderland Harbour Commission ]operates, or has management which influence, on the following inshore marine protected areas between Fast Castle Head and the River Tyne:


Management Actions

North Sunderland Harbour Commission has the following management measures in place to ensure its functions and regulatory powers are carried out in a manner that achieves the conservation objectives for the inshore marine protected areas in which it operates:

  1. Ensure harbour works have been granted the appropriate consents before they are carried out.
  2. Ensure capital and maintenance dredging has been granted a marine licence before it is carried out.
  3. Develop and maintain an up-to-date Harbour Waste Management Plan that recognises the environment sensitivities of nearby marine protected areas.
  4. Develop and maintain an up-to-date oil and chemical spill contingency plan that recognises the environment sensitivities of nearby marine protected areas.
  5. Provide oil waste services.
  6. Provide waste recycling services.
  7. Promote the responsible use of the marine area by promoting appropriate codes of conduct and best practice.

Data, Information and Mapping

North Sunderland Harbour Commission holds the following data that could be of interest to other partners who are responsible for managing marine areas: