MPA Toolkit

Welcome to our Toolkit.

The information here is intended to provide our members, and other interested parties, with the information they need to make decisions on their management of our inshore marine protected areas. It is important to us that the Toolkit can be used as a working resource by our members. Please contact us if you have any observations about the toolkit. We welcome any comments about the content and the ease of navigation and will use these to make future improvements.

There are two ways to navigate through the Toolkit:

  1. The Partnership Members section contains details of each of our members, the area they cover, the sites for which they have responsibilities, their legal duties and responsibilities, the actions they are taking, and the data they hold
  2. MPAs in Our Area provides details of each of the ten inshore marine protected areas found between the River Tyne and Fast Castle Head. The initial landing page for each protected area gives details of site boundaries, site objectives and responsible organisations. Links on the right of the screen provide further details about the activities that take place on the site and how these are managed, the features for which sites are designated, and the data held for the site.