Sources of data and information

MAGIC website

The MAGIC website provides geographic information about the natural environment created by Government and its agencies. The information is presented in an interactive map which can be explored using various mapping tools or downloaded as files which can be viewed using GIS

Marine Scotland Information

Marine Scotland Information is a web portal that provides access to descriptions and information about the Scottish marine environment while providing links to datasets and map resources.

MMO Explore Marine Plans

Website contains marine plan documents for England and interactive map of evidence used in the marine planning process

NatureScot Site Link (Scottish Designated Sites Information)

Sitelink provides access to data and information on key Protected Areas across Scotland. You can view site boundaries, designated features and download supporting documents. There is also data on site management agreements and consultation cases along with links to other websites for supporting information.

Designated Sites View (English Designated Sites Information)

Provides access to data and information on key protected areas in England. You can view site boundaries, designated features and download supporting documents.

SEPA Water Classification Hub

A range of water quality data for Scotland available through an interactive map

Environment Agency Catchment Data Explorer

The Catchment Data Explorer helps you explore and download information about the water environment.

National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Atlas

View or download species records

Northumberland IFCA publications and reports

Download publications and reports from Northumberland IFCA. Includes fish survey reports

Natural England Publications

Download publications and reports from Natural England

Environmental Records Information Centre (ERIC) North East

Environmental Records Centre for North East England. Holds species records (including marine species) and some habitat data. Data available through data requests to ERIC

The Wildlife Information Centre (TWIC)

Biological Records Centre for SE Scotland. Holds species and habitat data obtainable through data request.

GB Non-Native Species Secretariat

Website contains information about non-native species in the UK and their management

BTO WeBS Reports Online

The Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) Report Online interface allows the viewing of the latest and historical data for WeBS Alerts, the Non-Estuarine Waterbird Survey (NEWS) and the Annual WeBS Report.

RSPB Open Data Portal

The portal provides access to the RSPB’s open geographical  data in a variety of formats

North East Coastal Observatory

The website collates all survey data that is being collected by the North East Coastal Observatory, such as beach profiles, topographic surveys, cliff top recession surveys, bathymetric and sea bed characterisation surveys, wave data, aerial photographs, LiDAR data