The shallow sea, estuaries and shores of Berwickshire and Northumberland are known for their spectacular marine life.

Our local coastal and marine environment is one of the most important areas in Europe for marine conservation, providing dramatic intertidal and subtidal rocky reefs, extensive sand and mud flats, mysterious sea caves and sweeping inlets and bays.

The area supports an incredibly rich assemblage of marine life, including natural rock pool aquariums, swaying kelp forests, delicate sea grass, dense mussel beds, the charismatic grey seal, and a vast number of sea birds.

The protected area stretches along 115 kilometers of coastline from Alnmouth in Northumberland up to Fast Castle Head in Berwickshire. It extends out to four nautical miles to encompass 645 square kilometers of shore and sea, including Holy Island and the Farne Islands.

This website is dedicated to the management of this very special marine area - dive in to discover more!

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